garden fence

in the wake of covid-19, i’ve been practicing social distancing and going out in public less and less for a several weeks now. since last friday, march 20, I stopped going into public places.

wanting to build a fence for my garden, i considered curbside pick up or walking into the hardware store to get some fencing, wood, and soil, but decided not to. I wondered if I could find what I needed at home.

I was lucky that a large tree was cut down in the lot next door–fenceposts ready to go! digging in the basement, i found nails, the drill, and extension chord. a couple tree trimming tools and i was ready to build.

i made it up as I went along. it was definitely a creative process. what sticks fit where? what makes a good corner post? what can I do with this log that a woodpecker pecked holes into?

the best part? i was so absorbed in creating and thinking that i could forget about all the sadness around me.

almost done