I’ve always wanted to try this. Now I have time.

The romaine lettuce appears to be growing… slowly.. but yeah. When I have time, I’ll see if there is something I should add to the water. For now, I am trimming the base to start and I refresh the water every day.

I’ve grown avocado pits before. My most successful “tree” got to be 12″ before I neglected it. It takes a long time for the pit to show any growth… maybe three weeks? I can see the brown outer skin on the large one is starting to crack. A sprout may be poking through soon. I used some toothpicks to keep the pit upright. This is the first time I have a vase like this. I had received it a couple years ago with tulip bulbs in it.

avocado pits
experimental orange seed

I remember my grandma ruby had an orange tree in her living room. I think it was at least several feet tall. It seems like I remember smelling it, but I may be confusing driving through the orange groves in Florida.

So a little potting soil inside an eggshell. A little dirt in the bowl will hold it upright. I admit, I don’t read things thoroughly or follow directions. I read something about nutrients in the eggshell and when the sprout is ready to transplant, crack the shell a little so the roots can explore.

You won’t get facts here. It’s all random, experimental and no disappointment if it fails.

potato fail

speaking of fails, the potato thing didn’t work. even though i changed the water frequently, the potatoes rotted and smelled horrible. I’ll try to find a safe way to get to the greenhouse for some real starter potatoes. curbside pickup?

shiny objects

some of these marbles were those I played with in 2nd grade–over 45 years ago. Some were my dads!

keeping critters out of my garden is a real problem. I have yet to see a strawberry mature. sprouts are nibbled off before they are inches tall.

in addition to the fencing i’ve been working on, i thought some shiny objects might keep the birds out. a big bag of broken jewelry, marbles, and wire were used to make some beautiful garden necklaces. You can see… anything goes.

new bed for vegetables

Yesterday I hauled some dirt and logs to create a new garden area. I think tomatoes may grow well here. I found some extra windows in the basement. I hope to lay them over the dirt and create a mini greenhouse.

garden fence

in the wake of covid-19, i’ve been practicing social distancing and going out in public less and less for a several weeks now. since last friday, march 20, I stopped going into public places.

wanting to build a fence for my garden, i considered curbside pick up or walking into the hardware store to get some fencing, wood, and soil, but decided not to. I wondered if I could find what I needed at home.

I was lucky that a large tree was cut down in the lot next door–fenceposts ready to go! digging in the basement, i found nails, the drill, and extension chord. a couple tree trimming tools and i was ready to build.

i made it up as I went along. it was definitely a creative process. what sticks fit where? what makes a good corner post? what can I do with this log that a woodpecker pecked holes into?

the best part? i was so absorbed in creating and thinking that i could forget about all the sadness around me.

almost done